Issues with Windows drivers missing in Windows 11

Submitted by Mike on Sun, 11/06/2022

If you have owned a Windows computer in the last 20 years you will most likely be familiar with messages coming up about problems in Windows in relation to errors or drivers missing. Unfortunately even in 2022 these issues persist. Even though technology has evolved there’s still disconnect between manufactures and Microsoft’s updates team.

The most common scenario is Windows will do an automatic updated and un-benowned to the use Windows will remove or replace the drivers for a certain piece of hardware. One common driver removal is drivers for Bluetooth chipsets. The user is left with nothing more than a message in the device manager showing BCM20702a0 is not functioning or has no drivers installed.

In this example it is simply because the Broadcom Bluetooth Chip or card in the computer either laptop or desktop doesn’t have the drivers installed.

Sometime finding answers to issues such as this can be difficult to remedy as there have been little answers from Microsoft in fixing this issue after an upgrade or installation. There is a few websites that have the drivers required to fix this issue, and until there is an official fix were are left with these third part tutorials.

One website that has help millions of users get the fix to the Bluetooth issues is their straight forward approach in getting drivers to the user for free is breath of fresh air compared to other websites that have claimed to have solutions to only to have some sort of device detection tool installed that requires a credit card to have removed aka Malware.

If you’re are looking to have the BCM20702a0 Driver on Windows 11 fixed make sure you do a little research to make sure that the website that you use to get the driver is a reputable site.